art & design by Míra Dávida

About me

Since I’ve had a conscious mind, I was engaged with various artistic expressions – yeah, I was a kid who could simply sit in a room with some crayons and papers for hours without even being noticed. I was accepted to an elementary school which had an arts faculty, so I attended many many dance, choir and drawing class during those years. Hidsight, I dare say it has established my fundamentals. After, I applied to a school which was also deeply engaged with artistic thinking and behaviour and where I chose the faculty of glass design. There, I also learned the techniques and ways of drawing, painting, molding clay and plaster as well as the principles and ways of fine artistic expression. In university, I have managed to acquire skills to design functional objects, to learn more techniques, travel and explore the ways of glass.

I have been amazed by this capricious, stubborn yet fascinatingly open and surprising material. I focused on it very much. I have enjoyed that it never ceases to be exciting. The way hot glass is formed, the shapes you can create by cutting, grinding and polishing, the surfaces and possibilities of transparency in a sculpture – I wanted to try and explore more and more things. And I still do.

Latest Works


Digital craftsmanship mostly exists by the notion that using IT can complete our speculative deficit. It stimulates our imagination and expands the perspectives in which we can think and learn. Even just by using relatively simple algorythms we can make thousands of variations on the same structure. The main aspect of my project was toContinue reading “Chandeliers”

Contact Information

Budapest, Hungary

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